On your fastest and most demanding rides, Signature helps you push your limits. 

Where race-cut fabrics and avant-garde aesthetics meet. Signature is the product of technical mastery, with a seamless high-compression fit. Extensively developed with high-quality fabrics and innovative methods for genuine results on the bike.

Inch by inch, this collection comes with meticulous design. 

Signature short sleeve jerseys use four different fabric panels, with enhanced elasticity on the back to sync with your motion. On Signature bib shorts, an Elastic Interface chamois, breathable straps and gender-specific technologies keep you comfortable. Yet there’s no compromise: this lightweight kit keeps you faster for longer.


  • Signature delivers unparalleled performance with style. Our research and development team have created materials that complement your type of riding, take you further, and stay firmly in position. Perfect for the peloton.

If you’d like to find out more, we’re waiting to hear from you. Visit our team in Girona or get in touch online to start your Signature story.