The Decathlon Ford Racing Team roster is a relentless force. 

2024 is looking immense for cross-country, with everything to play for at the inaugural UCI weekends in Brazil. Racing among the very best calls for that split-second advantage. It’s the perfect storm to wake our restless spirit.

We’ve partnered with Decathlon Ford to provide cutting-edge clothing for 2024. Seven riders now face the world’s most technical courses, bringing Tactic to the startline with them. Expect to see bespoke patterns, enhanced fits and one-off editions throughout the season.

Each piece we’ve produced for Decathlon Ford is handcrafted with our expertise. This new, extensively developed range focuses on meeting the demands of the riders who crush the toughest terrain. On gritty courses with six-foot drops, aerodynamic agility is paramount.

From patterns we develop in the factory to the unique print on each rider’s sleeves, every nuance is important. For the riders, this level of precision shapes new success stories. For us, these new challenges open doors to bigger ideas.

Our collaboration doesn’t stop with the kit. We’re investing in the riders, their progress and their experience, through the best days and the tough ones too. Our own team of experts is ready to respond to every race-winning request.   

We’ve considered every pressure of XCO racing. Together with Decathlon Ford, we will test Tactic kit like never before.