Designed for everyday riding, from all-day epics to brief midday outings.

Snug but never restrictive, stripped-back but never basic. In our new Origin kit, we’ve combined simplicity and sense. This collection puts practicality first and keeps you comfy for hours. With the right design, the everyday ride is something special.


Origin combines original fabrics with rider-focused patterns. 

Recycled materials feature in every piece, blended with dependable high-quality lycra. These stretchy, form-fitting garments move as you do, matching every position change on the bike. Thermal options offer a soft touch against the skin, but Origin is still lightweight enough for your longest rides yet.


  • With our latest Origin bib shorts and jerseys, you’ll focus on the views.

    From the dusty mountain trails to your favourite climbs on the road, this collection is made for every type of ride. Through instinctive functionality in design, Origin is our essential offering for every cyclist. It’s the jersey you pick up for your favourite route, and the one you never forget to wash for your next big ride.

    Browse our Origin kit online or visit the team at our factory store in Girona, where you’ll find one-off pieces. If you have questions in the meantime, please contact us.