Getting out is what counts, but we know that sometimes, it’s the hardest part.

Riding our bikes comes down to new habits and breaking the same routine. Grinding fresh coffee beans, stepping into the cool solace of the shower, or hearing that satisfying sound of the zipper. When it’s something that makes you tick, it’s worth doing. 

For us, all of those smaller moments are part of the ride.

Essence is your catalyst for getting out there. 

This collection of new cycling kit combines our latest technical features with form-fitting patterns. More than that, Essence makes it possible to choose one outfit for every ride.

Origin is for all-day riding, while Signature is there for your high-speed pursuits. Across both collections, you’ll find garments instilled with the same sense of adventure. Essence is about our drive and ambition; it encapsulates the very moment you choose to get out there. 

Pull up your socks, tighten the straps on your shoes. There’s a world waiting.


  • We’re getting out there - but we can’t do it alone. 

    It doesn’t matter how, where, or why you start. Through Essence, our objective is to see more riders simply enjoying their bikes. Ultimately, you’re in control of the time you spend on the bike. With the right reasons before you start, this feeling only gets better.